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    “Ekki Múkk” - Sigur Rós

    It’s been four years since the 2008 release of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, a break from Sigur Rós recordings that’s not only birthed the first live album from the group (link) but also an astonishingly incredible side-project from lead singer Jónsi (link). Few groups could endure such bombastic happenings and come through sounding just as fragile and stitched together as Sigur Rós does on the new track “Ekki Múkk,” but we’re seldom surprised at what the gentle giants of Iceland are capable of at this point. The track, the first to be released from upcoming new album Valtari, manages to corroborate the band’s talk (link) of the album exuding more minimalism and ambiance than their previous releases. According to a recent interview with Q magazine, the album’s due to be released May 28th and translates to “Streamroller.” (link

    - Kyle Minton

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